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Year : 2019
Release : HDRip
Synopsis : Based on an original webtoon "Start", it is the story of the growing period of a youth who ran away. Taek-il (Park Jung-min) rebels against his mother (Yum Jung-ah), refusing to go to school or study, and is earning himself a 'spike' everyday. When his best friend Sang-pil (Jung Hae-in) jumps into society to make money, Taek-il leaves his house too. Then he meets Geo-seok (Ma Dong-seok), a huge chef in a Chinese restaurant. After a strong first impression, Geo-seok and Taek-il become the biggest competitors in their lives, and Taek-il runs into the most unexpected people in the restaurant.
Comment : This subtitle is not official subtitle. This is for personal use and entertainment purposes only, not for commercial use. If you want share this subtitle please email me first. This subtitle not perfect, need improvement and accept suggestions. If there are objections and protests about it, and violates the provisions of the DMCA you can send via our email contact. Thank you
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