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Year : 2018
Release : Web
Synopsis : "Sakkarin" is a 25 year old guy who could not find a job as his mother wishes him to be a banker. To take care and make the family happy, he has to lie by wearing the bank uniform out of the house every morning before turns to his true self and his real job as a motorbike taxi man. But, secrets don't exist in this world when he meets his high school crush "Jai", a real life banker, "A" Jai's boyfriend and a bank director, and "Uncle Preecha", an ex-cop friend of his father who always has an eye on him.
Comment : This subtitle is not official subtitle. This is for personal use and entertainment purposes only, not for commercial use. If you want share this subtitle please email me first. This subtitle not perfect, need improvement and accept suggestions. If there are objections and protests about it, and violates the provisions of the DMCA you can send via our email contact. Thank you
# Language Production Size Update Action
1 English Translator 93,920 bytes 9 months ago Preview Download
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3 Indonesian Improved 97,354 bytes 9 months ago Preview Download
4 Malay Translator 99,485 bytes 9 months ago Preview Download
5 Spanish Translator 95,816 bytes 9 months ago Preview Download


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