Request Rules

Here are the rules for making subtitle requests:

  1. Subber only does subtitles in leisure and free time, so not every time and every time..

  2. Subber only works on subtitles that don't exist on sharing sites.

  3. Subber only helps translate from English to Indonesian. For other languages not preferred.

  4. Subtitles are translated through the help of Translator Tools such as Google Translate. So there might be errors in the meaning, name and placement of words / sentences, because we are not linguists.

  5. If the translation results do not suit you, you can look elsewhere, because there is no compulsion to use translations on this website.

  6. Fill in the request form as completely as possible, use good and clear language.

  7. Appreciate and respect subber's work. Please give good criticism and suggestions.

Please also read Privacy Policy and Terms this website

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